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Comprehensive Interoperability Awaits

Consensus Provides Better Faxing for Healthcare

Streamline your fax workflow with an easy ability to manage documents, separate large faxes with multiple patients and integrate patient data seamlessly into your EHR.

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Streamline Your Faxing Workflow

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Improved fax intake with advanced quality control tools to quickly and easily delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by patient or document for improved filing.


Peace of mind knowing your data-exchange platform was developed by the leader in secure, HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF certified digital faxing.


Streamlined indexing to quickly get documents back to the appropriate chart, including EHR lookups for patient name, date of service selection, urgency status, etc.


Save up to 70% of your staff’s time getting faxes and other unstructured patient records into your EHR.

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Data fluidity for your practice:

Send and receive any patient information over a trusted healthcare network.


Powered by:

With Consensus, your team can stop wasting time and energy jumping in and out of different digital platforms and apps throughout the day to communicate with patients, providers, and plans.
Use our simple, inbox-like interface to manage your incoming and outgoing patient data: digital faxes, direct secure messages, queries through CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality, etc. Consensus gives you one central app to manage all of your patient information — giving your practice true data fluidity and digital interoperability.

Electronically query records and retrieve patient information on demand.


The only fax service that guides you to better forms of electronic and interoperable exchange.


Connectivity access to referral networks, ACOs and HIEs across the nation.


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Through Consensus's thumbnail view, you can preview an entire fax without having to open the document. You can remove cover pages and delete other content that you don’t want to share or add to the EHR.

With Consensus's enhanced faxing workflow, you no longer have to use fax machines and task administrative staff to parse documents by opening each fax and finding patient records for uploading into the EHR. Save time, save money and move data around faster with seamless integration.

Separate documents that may have more than one patient so that you can triage where the document needs to go and who else may need to see the document.

Apply patient demographics so integration into the EHR is streamlined.

Support HL7 FHIR based standards so the fax document can easily interoperate with other exchanges or interoperability framework.

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