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During the COVID-19 crisis, get critical patient information when treatment decisions need to happen fast.

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Requesting patient records from other providers before treating or triaging a patient is often burdensome - requiring multiple phone calls, requests via fax and sometimes even mail. Besides being slow, this process can also be error-prone. During circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, there are also limited staff to administer these requests, which means patient care may suffer. Gaining timely access to the most recent patient records can make the difference in life-or-death decisions.

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Who Can Benefit from the No-Charge Record Retrieval Solution?

Send and receive any patient information over a trusted healthcare network.


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The stress on front line healthcare workers to quickly assess a patient’s acuity level and history, and prioritize patients at greater risk, has increased dramatically with COVID-19. Emergency rooms, urgent care centers, specialty providers, telehealth providers, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), durable medical equipment (DME) companies and others across the care continuum are all struggling with access to needed patient data. Consensus on-demand patient record retrieval can lessen that burden for the entire healthcare community.

 While the nation is consumed with managing the COVID-19 pandemic, necessary scheduled and unscheduled services must continue to be delivered. The biggest risk with a pandemic consuming all resources is the sharing of patient information when a human is required to intervene. Care providers and staff are – and will continue to be – severely overtaxed. Consensus on-demand record retrieval can help providers fill in missing patient information without needing these added resources. We are glad to be able to support our care teams during the COVID-19 pandemic with this no-charge Consensus solution. 

Electronically query records and retrieve patient information on demand.


The only fax service that guides you to better forms of electronic and interoperable exchange.


Connectivity access to referral networks, ACOs and HIEs across the nation.


How Easy Is On-Demand Record Retrieval?

Consensus on-demand record retrieval allows you to easily search for and obtain patient records from surrounding participating hospitals, health systems, clinics and physician offices. This is done through a secure web browser without having to pick up the phone or fill out and fax a record request. You don’t even need an EHR. Through our connection to the Carequality Network, providers can communicate with over 600,000 health systems and clinics.

 You simply fill out a form with the patient’s demographics, such as name, address, date of birth, etc., and submit a search through the network. If you know the name of the organization, you can send that request directly to the care provider. 

Reduced Pricing for Full Consensus Data Sharing Interoperability Platform

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also offering discounted pricing for the full, collaborative Consensus platform, which includes digital cloud faxing, direct secure messaging, on-demand patient record retrieval and connectivity to other data exchange networks. Learn more about full-featured Consensus.

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